Mr. Aaron Sigmon

B.S. In Education
8th grade HR: 7th-8th Grade Boys Bible; 7th-9th Grade Science; 10th Grade Geometry 12th Grade Consumer Math

Mr. Aaron Sigmon was saved when he was 8 years old. In his senior year of high school, God began to work on his heart and directed him to attend Bible college. He was directed to Landmark Baptist College by his pastor. He graduated with a teaching degree and is praising God for everything that has taken place in his life so far including giving him a job at Landmark Christian School.

Mr. Lauren Wiebe

B.A. in Missions
B.S. in Secondary Education
7th grade HR, 7th Grade Math; 8th Grade Pre-Algebra; 9th Grade Algebra I

Lauren Weibe has over 10 years of teaching experience. He graduated high school in 1980 and and served in the United States Air Force till 2003 when he moved to Haines City. He started teaching at LCS in 2006. He got saved on January 26, 1967 at his home.

Miss Joy Kokubun

B.S. in General Studies
9th grade HR; 7-8 girls Bible; 8th-12th Grade English

Miss Kokubun comes to us from North Carolina. She is a graduate from Hyles Anderson College in Indiana. She has a passion for volleyball and softball and is involved in the coaching of those sports here at Landmark.

Mrs. Blaire Clark

B.S. in Music Education
7th Grade Keyboarding; 8th Grade Computer Applications; 11th and 12th Grade Girls Bible; Highschool Choir

Mrs. Clark was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Lord burdened her heart for education while she attended high school. She saw how much students can be impacted by just one class or one teacher. Mrs. Clark just recently graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Music Education from Bob Jones University. Mrs. Clark is thrilled with the direction God is leading her, and she is excited about working with your young people.

Mrs. Hannah Maxwell

B.S. In Secondary Education
12th grade Biology; 11th Grade Chemistry; 11th and 12th Grade Astronomy

Hannah Maxwell grew up in a Christian home. She was saved at the age of 15 and a short time later felt the Lord leading her to teach. She graduated from Landmark Baptist College in the spring of 2013 and began teaching at LCS in fall of that same year. She loves what she does and is grateful that God allows her the opportunity to serve Him in this capacity.

Mrs. Catlyn Slavens

Attending Landmark Baptist College

Girls PE

Mrs. Slavins attended Hyles Anderson College and also served as a machinist in the US Navy. She met her husband at Illinois Central College and has been blessed with 4 children. They moved to Central Florida in 2020 and has been serving the Lord at Landmark Baptist Church ever since.

Miss Lydia Bizaillion

B.S. In Education
11th and 12th Grade HR; 11th and 12th Grade English; 8th Grade American History; 7th and 8th grade Intensive Math; 9th Grade Geography; 9th Grade Health; 9th and 10th Grade Girls Bible; 11th Grade Algebra II

Miss Lydia Bizaillion grew up in a church and was saved during her early teen years. As a teen, she was involved in helping out with children’s programs in the church. She was part of the American Honor Society in high school. She graduated from Landmark Baptist College with her bachelor’s degree in 2020.

Mr. Jesse Maxwell

B.A. in Pastoral Studies
10th Grade HR; 7th and 10th Grade World History; 12th Grade Speech; Principles of Music; Drama; Yearbook

Having graduated from Landmark Baptist College with his Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Theology, Mr. Maxwell joined the teaching staff of LCS in 2018. Mr. Maxwell studied theatrical arts both in High School as well as College and serves as the Drama Director for the school. Mr. Maxwell also recently married fellow teacher, Mrs. Hannah Maxwell, formerly Ms. Arnold. In addition to teaching, Mr. Maxwell serves at Landmark’s radio station, Gospel 90.3 FM, as a DJ and host of the Heading Home Show with Jesse Maxwell.

Mrs. Sandra Rodriguez

Spanish 1 & 2

Mrs. Rodriguez was born in Highland, Indiana.  She attended Hyles Anderson College.

Mr. Rashad Thurston

Attending Landmark Baptist College
7th, 8th, 10th and 12th Grade Art

Mr. Thurston is in his fourth-year at Landmark Baptist College. He was saved at the age of 17 and he desires to serve the Lord and his church.